Data statistics

A survey of the data available for the different Apicomplexa genomes in LAMP


Organism No of pathways No of unique EC numbers a No of unique enzymes b No of total genes c No of missing enzymes d
T. gondii 51 386 417 666 19
N. caninum 51 381 411 659 25
C. muris 31 208 224 302 15
C. parvum 28 191 207 270 10
C. hominis 28 184 200 261 17
B. bovis 32 203 216 322 11
T. parva 32 199 213 323 17
T. annulatta 32 200 214 313 16


a Unique EC numbers represents the total number of unique enzyme activities with full EC numbers assigned by IUBMB present in the metabolic pathways annotated.

b Unique Enzymes represents total unique enzyme activities annotated to be present in the pathways for an organism. This includes enzyme functions with full and partial EC numbers and without EC number annotations.

c No of total genes represents the total number of genes annotated to any pathways in the LAMP.

d Missing enzymes represents the enzymes need to be present to complete the metabolic pathways. They may either be missing in gene model predictions or may be absent in the organism.